인터넷 심의위원회 배너
1995 이미지
우수컨텐츠 로고
우수컨텐츠 로고
윤리경영 이미지
The Highest Quality & Retention of Design
디자인 트렌드를 선도하는 대한민국 프리미엄 미디어 그룹
The Highest Quality & Retention of Design

The No.1 School in Tianjin High-Tech Area

Growing in Light and Shadow / 녹색 교육과 푸른 자연이 공존하는 교육 시설
Bolong Lakeside, Tianjin High-Tech Area


The No.1 School in Tianjin High-Tech Area is a 12-year school located in Bolong Lakeside, Tianjin High-Tech Area, with land area 58024, building area 44608.69, greening rate 35% and building density 26%, and it undertakes the education in primary school, junior high school and senior high school. The building design pays attention to talents of the children in the various fields of art and science initially, and the clear path planning and abundant natural light show a pleasant environment to welcome the children.  

Main function areas of this project include ordinary classrooms, professional function classrooms, dining hall, sports ground with roof, lecture halls and offices. The primary school and the secondary school are relatively independent, each with a library, sports ground with roof and entrance hall. Thus, the students in different ages are independent relatively and integrated simultaneously.


Campus with green health and green education:

By aiming at the characteristics of primary and secondary school education, it highlights green technology application of the campus buildings in such aspects as natural lighting and ventilation, healthy indoor environment, ecological landscape and green education and makes the green technology becoming visual and artistic, with the purpose of realizing green education. It creates an ecological and energy-saving public space by adopting the natural lighting design of atrium space and winter garden; it builds the natural ecosystem for learning and fun by applying grass slope, green land and ecological landscape; and it shows the new green technology with roof agriculture and colorful photovoltaic corridors.



The interior design realizes the integrated design with building landscape. During the interior design, it complies with the due logic of building space, inhibits the desire for decoration, conceals deliberate decoration methods, and makes full use of the advantages of natural light to describe a space full of imagination delicately in the space. Moreover, we make the decoration atmosphere growing along with the students by adopting decoration methods, thus the students can feel atmosphere of the same school in different grades during their growing process.

We want to bring the sky into the interior of all public spaces in the campus as far as possible to realize the bright open and see the flowing light and shade, and the blue sky and white clouds can testify the story of the students in youth; the glass louver lightens the 6m-wide education street of the secondary school and connects various teaching buildings and lab building, and it is also the display space for extra-curricular activities of the students simultaneously.



Light and shadow scatters in the primary school hall and the secondary school hall through the geometric louver, it seems to draw a natural painting along with the change of time, and the large fractal patterns seem to describe the geometry of nature.

The shared atrium space linking teaching building and other function buildings is changed to be a fantasy stage magically by the mirror, and the reality and illusion shall be intertwined when standing in the atrium and looking up at the ceiling mirror. There is shared class activity space set in each floor, and the 4m-wide class corridor makes schoolmates of different classes being able to have more communicating space and opportunities after class . The stained glass film on the window can form a riot of color on the ground in the sunlight, and the space shall be more vivid and relaxed. 



We believe that a reasonable education space can have a significant influence on the learning life of the children and become the pride of their lives, so we combine function and decoration at the early beginning of design. We hope that the children can learn, live and play freely in the interior, the education can be turned into a fun-filled journey in the life of the children, and the children are able to swim in the ocean of knowledge freely.

I hope to welcome the children with the magic of art and say Good Morning to the children with sunshine.















성은주 기자
Project Name: The No.1 School in Tianjin High-Tech Area
Location: Bolong Lakeside, Tianjin High-Tech Area
Design Unit: Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd
Design Team: Chen Weibing, Guo Zhiliang, Li Bowen, and Jia Anping
Green Certification: Certification of Three-Star Design Identification for Green Buildings
Green Campus Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Photographer: He Zhihan
Main Materials: Turkish gray marble, tile, linen floor, PVC sports floor, emulsion paint, wooden hanging board, straw board, antifouling film, and aluminum plate