The craftsmanship has been diligently striven after by Chinese from ancient times till now for hundreds years. As early as in “The Book of Songs”, the process of bone artifact, ivory and jade was figuratively described as “As knife and file make smooth the bone, so jade is wrought by chisel and stone”.

KAGOE cabinets originated in Germany, the new exhibition hall is located in Xihu District, Hangzhou. Designers adhere to the Western rigorous industrial technology, and devote great attention to the design of the performance language,incorporate the unique charm and attitude of the east, explore the needs of current people’s spiritual life, and interpret design works “worldly-wise in East and West”.

The designers starts from modern and exquisite quality German craftsmanship. Senior grey with the sense of science and technology of wood veneer and elegant collocation, the ceiling adopts mirror surface design, the seeming unromantic minute surface mapping different shapes, which brings vivid light and romance to everyday life.

The stainless steel ceiling of the reception room is parallel to the terrazzo floor, extending the entire space in a vertical direction. The relationship between the cool tone interlude under low saturation and exquisite material is comparable to the extreme and balanced “Tai Chi”, thoroughly make space for hierarchical portray.

The open space of storage and kitchen, the spacious and lively kitchen is composed by ceilings and walls painted with beige bright stoving varnish and black marble floors, advocating the people of the moment to return to a comfortable lifestyle.

The neat and unified open-type luggage booth not only meets the daily intake, but also plays the role of display decoration, which embodies the original intention of pursuing quality life.

There is also an exquisiteneoclassical Western cabinet in the exhibition hall. Against the backdrop of the graceful plaster carving and light colored wood flooring, as if presenting in a Paris Apartment, viewing and admiring the elegant porcelain collected from all over the world from the cabinet, having a delicate afternoon tea with friends in the showcase island. The kitchen has no longer a single cooking function, but becomes a versatile place for social intercourse and communication.
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