In cities built with reinforcing steel bars and cements, where shall we put our “homesickness”? Famous Historic and Cultural City & Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Hohhot opens a door for us to get through our deep memory. In mellow local accent, we seek the most affectionate emotion to hometown and densest homesickness…

This exhibition center is located in Ruyi headquarters of the economic and technological development zone of Hohhot. Its total building area is about 21434 m2. “holistic view, sustainable concept, regionalism, culture, epochal character” is advocated in overall design. At the beginning of exhibition design, later operation was considered. “One-stop urban complex” was established innovatively to achieve popularity and the sustainable development of exhibition center. At the same time, the harmony and unification of “regionalism, culture and epochal character” is emphasized to seek basis of design from local culture. Modern materials and technology are perfectly combined to enhance the value of exhibition. 

The contents exhibited are divided along time. The first floor of the exhibition center is “Historic Culture Hall” which traces back to history and explains cultural manifestations; the second floor is “Urban Development Hall” which depicts current impression and focuses on modern achievement; the third floor is “Urban Planning Hall” which shows planning blueprint and focuses on industry development. 

In lobby of the exhibition center, maestro was invited to create a huge artistic wall carpet “Gorgeous Green City” which shows the magnificent scenery and history of Hohhot. With unique ethnic charm, it is a pioneer of art treasure in the country and can be called top treasure of the exhibition center. 
To well know a city, you must integrate with its streets and life. From “Dazhao Temple” to “Dashengkui”, every brick and tile has the civilization of Hohhot. They are just the roots of the city. On the basis, the first floor “Historic Culture Hall” sets an extra large “humane experience area” which integrates the business, religion, art, folk custom and some other classical signs in different stages and starts “a party of going across time and space”. In Dazhao Temple, you may worship a “largest silver Buddha”; beside stage of ancient opera, you can listen to “Zhonglu clapper opera”; in Dashengkui, you may buy a box of “Three Nine Brick Tea”; in Jinsanyuan, you can eat a steamer of “tasty steamed dumplings”… While continuing folk custom, live performance and commodity sale can be set to popularize them and make profit. 
The second floor “Urban Development Hall” visually introduces the basic information of Hohhot to audiences, including natural geography, location traffic and building history. A silk road in thousand year history and five ancient cities vividly show the building history of Hohhot for more than 2400 years. Going forward and getting through historical mist, the most beautiful Hohhot can be met. Through huge shadow sand table, you can know the achievement of “comprehensive treatment of scarp slope of green mountain”. From flowing light and color, you can feel the beauty and charm of “bright scenery line in north borderland of our country”. An immersive planning model theater is a stage which comprehensively performs the dream and hope of Hohhot. The space structure “two belts, two axes and three hearts” and the functional layout “eight zones and four clusters” are clearly presented here. With the joint performance of stage lamplight and surrounding sound effect, the planning dream “constructing top-ranking capital economy and building top-ranking capital city” of Hohhot is vividly introduced. 

As for the third floor “Urban Planning Hall”, its space is simple and modern in “international style”. It is planned to show the overall scene of the city. Rail transit will be developed to say goodbye to the time of traffic jam; a sponge city will be constructed to maintain green hills and clear waters… These are happiness reasons of the happy city! Entering a virtual driving cab, you can be “a navigator of city” and feel “safe, expedite, intensive and comfortable” integrated traffic system through experiencing different travelling modes. Wandering in across-air interactive theatre, you can see all charming scenes of Hohhot. Waving your hands, scenery changes and flocks & herds are scattered on green grassland like pearls. Ancient Yellow River spirals on ground like jade belt…

Going forward continuously, you can practically feel the specific “energetic capital”. Six mainstay industries can be seen, including dairy products, electronic information and biological pharmacy. “Jinchuan Industrial Park and Ruyi Industrial Park” bounce on your fingertip. They jointly explain secrete of development of the city. Relying on the advanced inquiry unit of flying screen, audiences can know the investment policy and programs of industrial parks to offer technical support in future cooperation and exchange. 

The pioneer “smart planning platform” has diversified functions of planning presentation, reporting and decision making. It will become the intelligence center of future smart capital. When you step into exhibition area, a data cloud appears and lightens the whole space. Buildings rise abruptly from the ground; road networks are paved immediately. Spectacular scene of the whole city is shown to you. As for eastern new zone and southern industrial park, a series of planning indexes such as land property and level are shown in accordance with planning idea. You can also experience virtual wandering, enter blocks and enter buildings on the scene. 

With the development positioning “new-type grassland tourism city”, “a large cultural tourism zone” is developed especially for Hohhot. After entering exhibition zone, audiences will firstly get a “passport of Hohhot”. Through scanning the QR code on passport, audiences can participate in all programs in the exhibition zone.


Sitting on dynamic platform, you can start your wandering in city; wearing VR glasses, you can get through the ancient and current time and space; passing through track, you can experience the speed of city development; experiencing romantic flying, you can feel the height of the city… At last, audiences will enter urban “Still Standing” arena. Through answering questions, the real “expert of Hohhot” will be selected. 
Famous Historic and Cultural City & Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Hohhot settles the homesickness of grassland. As the designers of Hohhot, we just hope everybody entering it will love it more. 

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