COMER is more than an intelligent audio and video exhibition hall, its atmosphere is full of life. I simulate product experience within various scenarios, and the feedback from customers show that staying here, they are able to image the changing of home after purchasing the products.

The building is an enormous glass box. Outside of it is Minibar. Residents live nearby describe that the shiny bar tables and chairs, and the spherical lamp from a distance feel like beautiful night sky.

The Chinese characters mean “comer”and the dancing designer is a “comer”



The entrance is a quite tall gate, it appears to be a stalwart general standing there, gives people the feeling of noble ceremony.


 COMER’s Clear French windows import sunshine to the interior of building, achieved the aim of energy conservation and environment protection. I arranged bamboos and lawns around the building so the chaotic construction plant won’t be seen. There is one area of the interior of the building covered by lawns too; therefore the graceful outdoor environment extends to the inside space, it is peaceful, natural, builds a “retreat away from the world”.



In one of my rooms, a specially designed huge glass presents the wonderful outside landscape, which also can be turned into a projection screen by electrical control, changing the room into audio-visual room with more possibilities.


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