Honghe Exhibition Hall is a professional urban planning exhibition hall to display the development history, development achievements and development visions of Honghe Prefecture, and it is located at Honghe Cultural Plaza, Mengzi City.

“Terraced Fields on the Cloud and Honghe in Dream” is the brand of this beautiful city as well as the theme of this exhibition hall, which gives a deep interpretation of the connotation and essence of the “Millennium Hani Terraces”. The inspiration is drawn from the highest realm with the harmony between people and nature while combing the connotations of “Heaven, Earth, People, Harmony” and the development of Honghe city. Led by “the Godsent Beauty, the Earthly Heritage, the Flourishing People and the Harmonious Coexistence” with the timeline of the past, present and the future and the urban and rural planning and construction of Honghe Prefecture, we are dedicated to creating a modern professional exhibition hall that can “recall the pas and foresee the future”




First, it is dominated by terraces to display the cultural heritages. “Hani Terrace” is a magnificent undertaking by mankind to adapt to the environment, fully demonstrating the beautiful harmony between man and nature. It is a precious natural heritage of mankind and the pride of Honghe Prefecture. At the 37th World Heritage Convention on June 22, 2013, it was successfully listed into the World Heritage List. Hani terrace serves as the prototype for the Honghe Exhibition Hall, fully showing Hani Terrace’s freely layered natural form. Meanwhile, “high-tech + modernization + network” is used as the expression method to reshape and reproduce the terraced field art with a deep mark of Honghe Prefecture’s regional and humanistic spirit.



Second, it is eco-friendly and environmentally friend while emphasizing energy-saving and efficiency. Being ecological, green and environmentally-friendly has already become an important principle for the sustainable development of cities and architecture in the 21st century, and it is also the eternal direction and goal of human’s future development. As an “urban and rural planning exhibition hall for the future”, Honghe Exhibition Hall has always been eco-friendly, energy-saving and efficient.

Third, it is edutainment-oriented while attaching importance to interpersonal interaction. As a large public-welfare urban and rural planning exhibition hall for the future we will turn the third floor into a comprehensive exhibition area integrating featured planning, county and city planning, future urban experience and interactive experience to make citizens have a more comprehensive, deeper, intuitive and vivid understanding of the history of Honghe City, its current development and future development. For example, tourists can sit on the dream locomotive at the “Beautiful Honghe” theme flight theater on the second floor to get a panoramic view of the 13 counties of Honghe city and experience a sensory feast over the city.



At the future city experience area on the third floor, we have especially created a shared park of green city integrating leisure, entertainment and interaction. After getting tired, they can come here to read a book, listen to a folk song and take a beautiful picture to end the journey. My goal has always been to create a city hall where ordinary people can understand all the things and love to come. When they enter the hall with curiosity, they can get a surprising experience and after they leave the hall with pleasure, their smiles will be full of the happiness of living in this city and the confidence in a beautiful future. I am pleased to be a designer and have also realized the value of my efforts.

Look up to see that piece of cloud. Honghe is quiet and beautiful just like a dream. The most beautiful impression is only for you.


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