Since China proposed the “One Belt One Road” strategy in 2013, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co.,Ltd. has kept creating legend in the field of global railway transportation, and has grown into the “going out” representative of Chinese equipment manufacturers. In 2017, Fengyuzhu was devoted to creating the first modernized professional pavilion of Chinese railway transportation equipment enterprise, namely a science, technology and culture exhibition center of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co.,Ltd., at the speed of the “pacemaker of Chinese exhibition industry”. 

This project is located at the place near to Xiangjiang River, Tianxin, Zhuzhou. The exhibition pavilion is known as the “Super Bowl” when looking from its outline and is also known as the “Eye of intelligence” when looking from top. Without using vertical column, the principal building of exhibition pavilion is formed by the deformed steel structure, with the height 16.45m, building area 3,300 m² and exhibition area 2,400m². In order to show the scientific strength, cultural deposits and “responsibility · leading in race” of railway transportation equipment’s empire, three sectors are designed, i.e.: Going ahead along with world, Going ahead along with the dream and Going ahead along with the future.  


The first floor shows the theme of “Going ahead with the world” and it starts with the film of “Image in Zhuzhou Locomotive”. This film shows the Chinese force of Zhuzhou Locomotive in the development of global railway transportation. “Leader’s concern & interactive massage system” collects not only the precious images of CPC and state leaders when visiting Zhuzhou Locomotive in previous years, but also record their praises to Zhuzhou Locomotive. Additionally a patent wall formed by 199 patent certificates engraves the highly affirmation of the State for the scientific and technological innovation strength of Zhuzhou Locomotive on everyone’s mind. The well integration of clear glass and steel structure for Chinese vehicle under “One Belt One Road” strategy shows the spirit and content expressed by architecture and exhibition itself. Whichever you pass through or linger here, you will feel the incisive and vivid expression of Zhuzhou Locomotive for its “going out” pattern and ambitiousness. Started with the feel of deep lens and the film space by sand table with a great visual angle, a "Representative works going out" shows comprehensively the globalization development strategy of Zhuzhou Locomotive in the “Cave” plaza. 



The second floor shows the theme of “Going ahead along with the dream” and it starts with the “eyes of intelligence”. An impassioned historical play named by “Legendary Zhuzhou Locomotive”, a pool of star-studded customized sand table showing the railway transportation industry cluster, and a piece of handwriting work with profound meaning named by “century-old Tianxin” by Huang Yongyu will bring the honors and dreams of several generations of Zhuzhu Locomotive employees to us, and will show us the reminiscence for their inheritance and struggle. The "century-old business" uses the representative locomotive prototypes at the five development stages in the past as the design elements and relies on the quiet change of material and outline to recall us the memories for the past. The “century-old factory building” uses the well integration of hand-painted walls and miniature recovery walls to show the building process of Datie factory building in 1936. The “great country craftsman” relies on the vivid images and physical materials to show the craftsmanship spirit and great demeanor of the workers at the production line. The “long gallery for popular science of railway” focuses on showing the origin and classification of railway, and it can give you all answers about the railway. The “interactive photo” allows you to acquire the wonderful memories about Zhuzhou Locomotive by scanning the QR code.



The third floor is the exhibition hall of “Going ahead along with the future”, it is an infinite diversified open-style experience space full of the sense of science and technology and dynamics and comprises multiple multimedia interaction zones, such as “Product Show”, "Commends of experts", "Super DreamWorks", “Innovative laboratory” and “Hello the future”. The “Product show” is a customized product release space unit created for the pavilion, owning 11 kinds of core product prototypes in the center of stage and using the electroplated glass panel, floor panel and ceiling panel, as well as the stage lighting to sketch the contours of a sound-light show area. Here you will watch a film named by “Linking with the world · Going with you together” to enjoy the experience of having a happy journey to the world by taking the train. Afterwards, the “hundred locomotive wall” formed by almost one hundred of locomotives will leave you witness the great development of Chinese railway transportation. Moreover the “Spatio-temporal tunnel” creates the dark space surrounded by the light and shadow, where the amazing blue light brings you a magic as if the railway running at full speed freezes in camera.  You will not only appreciate the photography works of Zhuzhou locomotive running at full speed collected from the whole world, but also perceive the change of time by touching the interactive panel. On the other end of the product release unit, a surrounded exhibition wall in the form of locomotive and train compartment is provided on the basis of Changsha magnetically levitated train, a kind of the latest product of Zhuzhou Locomotive.



In the compartment, the “Super DreamWorks” exhibits the powerful scientific research resources, professional talent team and perfect R&D system of enterprise through the magic-mirror wall. The “Innovative Laboratory” carries the cutting-edge technology of railway transportation through the galloping information flow data. The “Hello the future” uses the VR technology and the dynamic seats to let experiencer feel the great change brought by future railway transportation to the life.   


Currently the core exhibition items in the “Super Bowl” are so attractive to the public and are highly praised, and the “Super Bowl” is even called as “5A Scenic Area” by guests. Moreover the "High-speed Railway Experiencer Group" from Hong Kong of China came to Zhuzhou Locomotive to experience the particular charm of “Super Bowl”.  The first exhibition of Chinese railway transportation equipment enterprise created with the innovative ideology and the future vision will show the comprehensive strength of Zhuzhou Locomotive and carry forward the development vision of Zhuzhou Locomotive to the world at the “pacemaker” speed. 

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