China - Wooden Boxes

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  Chief Designer: Shen Qiang Located in Shikumen building in Jingan District, Shanghai, 1305 studio office is set to be the space with multi creative functions. The space acts not only for architecture, interior or graphic design, but also for lots of other purposes, fashion show, art exhibition, cocktail lounges, professional lectures, etc. With the interest of Shanghai Lane Culture, the architects tried to make this 300 qm2 space into a harmonious combination of tradition and modern. The result turns out that it was not a bad attempt. The language of the space is the box. Boxes lying around, either piled up or separated freely, and it makes the space of unlimited possibilities. People in the space can easily find a way to adapt and communicate properly, and share joy with others. The concept of this design was inspired by a glass cup. The temporary living space is just as a glass cup without the so-called "space border", but with many limitless possibilities. Just as "a glass of water," when it falls into the water, on the contrary it will get limitless possibilities. Putting different substances into the cup will have a new name, may be "a glass of milk, juice, beer" or others. “Work Space” Work space is just Like a cup of water, when we work in this "cup ", we can see the so-called desks, file cabinets, etc. But for both the desk and file cabinets, designers designed space accurately, so that it could free combine, to meet the demands over the next five years or even 10 years later. 자세한 내용은 월간 아이엑스디자인 6월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.  

China - Gathering Clouds

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Designer: Jin.Fan Liu Rong, Cheng Jiang, Sun Xu Photographer: Eiichi Kano It’s a breezy Saturday, and Ivan is sitting near the water, playing with the ripples and admiring the Yunnan flowers and, on the water, fractured reflections of the trees and flying birds. The steam of his tea showers the ambience with a beautiful smell from Yunnan leaves. He sips his tea, remembering vividly the flavor of his land. Ivan isn’t sitting near a lake in Yunnan. He is sitting on the terrace of his new masterpiece — The Gathering Clouds. A restaurant that celebrates de cultural diversity, and the heritage of its flavors. “Yunnan isn’t a color, or a song, or a word.” says Ivan. “The complex beauty of Yunnan cannot be represented through singular expressions. It demands diversity, energy, unpredictability. The shape of your experience in Yunnan takes diverse beautiful forms, like a cloud. Or like a gathering of clouds.” The restaurant brought challenges both in timeline and design constrains, but ultimately, a close collaboration with the investors and owners, helped to bring to life their vision. Their vision of a place where their past experience and memories could manifest through beautiful, thoughtful food, and served in a gorgeous environment. For this vision, they partnered with Jin Design Studio, who crafted both the Brand and the Space for The Gathering Clouds. 자세한 내용은 월간 아이엑스디자인 5월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.  

China - Shanghai Tower Sightseeing Hall

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Designer: Liu Jun Photograph: ZHENG Xun, Jin Xuanmin Shanghai Tower, located in Lujiazui Core Area, Pudong, covers an area of more than 30,000m2. Floor B1 is the exhibition hall and Floor 118 and Floor 119 are used as sightseeing hall, which provides the tour innovation experience and creates a sightseeing tour to China. Sightseeing has become one of the most important common functions. For example, the five highest buildings in the world - Burj Dubai, Petronas Twin Towers, One World Trade Center in New York, Taipei 101 and The Shard have similar high-level sightseeing mode. Then, how does Shanghai Tower change the game and build a new sightseeing experience mode? The designer combines the new media and noumenal thought to create a new experience mode. The content design breaks through the limitations of traditional high-rise building sightseeing. This project does not have the static sightseeing function of the high-rise sightseeing buildings, but also assumes the important mission of conveying popular scientific knowledge. At the same time, through expanding the connotation and extension of the proposition, the content of the whole experience tour is enriched. Floor B1, as the exhibition area and urban hall, has the sunken main entrance on the square, and from the public flowing area, the visitors can enter the sightseeing hall and exhibition hall which welcomes the visitors with a very open posture. 자세한 내용은 월간 아이엑스디자인 5월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.

China - The Cultural Restaurant of Hefei Youchao Tourist Service Center

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Designer: Xu Jianguo The design of the restaurant is infused with forests, locating by the lakeside of Chaohu Lake. It is a great place for leisure vacation with beautiful scenery, humid air, sunshine, and adequate moisture. The cultural restaurant is planned as the catering service area of Hefei Binhu National Forest Park, located in the outer area of Hefei Binhu National Forest Park, at the west side of the Shanshui Luzhou Square of the main entrance. The forest park if filled with green color, purposed to protect the beauty of ecology and nature, and aimed to ecological repair, highlighting the "natural, ecological, and wild". The park is built in a large area of forest, maintaining the original park water-system morphology, retaining the native plants, reducing the construction area, and traces of artificial cut and polish, with the environmentfriendly material and ecological measures for the maintenance of the original ecology of the park. Based on such large environment and location advantages, the overall space environment design takes ecology, nature, harmony, and humane nature as the subject. Following the concept of the park construction, the cultural restaurant also takes the natural ecology as the theme, built in the form of the overlying soil,. The interior decorations are consequently themed to be natural and primitive, creating a leisure and smart space of indoor-and-outdoor interaction, and insideand-outdoor atmosphere exchange. 자세한 내용은 월간 아이엑스디자인 4월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.