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Chief Designer: HUA MAO   DESIGN: YuQiang& Partners SOFT FURNISHINGS & PRODUCT SUPPLY: P.P. Design Gallery CO-ARCHITECT: BingjunLiao,YangLuo,TiezhiXiang,Deqiang Jiang CLIENT: Ding Feng Plaza Construction STARTED: May of 2016 COMPLETED: May of 2017 LOCATION: Chang' an downtown, Dongguan PHOTOGRAPH: ingallery MATERIALS: Bolon rug, fabrics, marble, specular champagne FURNITURE BRANDS:Muuto, Moroso, Tom Dixon, Hay     HappyLand Sales Office was conceived by YuQiang & Partners Interior Design recently. based on the realm of contemporary essence, the architect attempted to create a ‘Dream Pavilion’ integrating the inside and outside of this sales office, while releasing the long-slept charming of this thousand-of-year historical downtown: Chang’an. “Though the existing things seem escaped in front of you, the missed ones become as vivid as life. Not only are people a sensory receiver, but also the re-born installation in the memory of sensation. Meanwhile, people are able to let segmented pieces in their heads reappear in a particular object, even a complex of feelings stimulation blends each other to develop a new scene. That’s the imaginary filed where architects stand in.” Luckily, architects seem like that they could understand ‘what is beauty’ much better, and are accomplished in transforming their ideas into reality in abstract thinking through a wide range of ‘mechanical motion’ in the head.    (계속)   자세한 내용은 월간 데코저널 12월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.  데코저널 도서 구입하기 >>

China - Risheng Liking Teahouse. Reconstruction of Scrap Collection Station

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Designer: HUANG FENG     PROJECT NAME: Risheng Liking Teahouse. Reconstruction of Scrap Collection Station PROJECT LOCATION: Bailong Road, Fuzhou City PROJECT FUNCTION: Teahouse PROJECT AREA: 300 square meters DESIGN TIME: July 2017 COMPLETION TIME: September 2017 MAIN MATERIALS: OSB board, glass, self-leveling cement DESIGN UNIT: Ze Mu Interior Design Co., Ltd. PHOTOGRAPHER: Wu Yongchang   "Risheng Liking” Tea Life Museum is located in the noisy downtown center; it was reconstructed from an old building that was ever used as scrap collection station. The designer fully dug out the rich flavor and subtle connotation of the old building; in combination with warm and broad trait and characteristics of tea, the designer referred to the pattern of traditional courtyard, and created a homelike and joyful life experience space. The dull glory and dream of the old building,through reconstructionof a modern courtyard, with sentimental association of tea, generates clear leisurely joy and lofty spirit and pure emotion. Under the structure of more than 10 meters, the modern courtyard and mottled walls complement each other. Each unit block of the courtyard has different functions and modeling, with free conversion between brisk and dignified styles. In order to protect the old building, all the newly built units remain almost one meter away from the old walls. The original sloping roof structure had been well preserved, and became a carrier to continue and express memory and emotion. (계속) 자세한 내용은 월간 데코저널 12월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.  데코저널 도서 구입하기 >>

China - Shanghai Tower Podium

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Designer: Chaoyi GAO, Jin Sun     Project Name: Shanghai Tower Podium Meeting Centre and B2 Public Underground Avenue Location: Shanghai Area: 14,000m² Time of completion: 2016. 05 Design Team: Suzhou Goldmantis Shanghai Design company Participated Designers: Miaoyi JIANG, Jin SUN, Dong WANG, JunYu XU, Jianming TAN, Hao WU Main Material: Epoxy Resin Terrazzo, Texture Painting, Wooden Surface, Hole pinched Aluminum Board, powder Sprayed Aluminum Pipe, carpet, etc.     The main area of Shanghai Tower Podium is about 10340m2, The meeting centre locates at level 2-5, it’s commercial activities functions: hold the international meetings like APEC or Lujiazui forum, also can be used as fashion activities, wedding celebration, shows, etc. The whole area of 5th level is the main designing section, including: a ballroom with 500 seats, 4 multi-function meeting rooms, club for the enterprise, VIP room, garden bar, outdoor garden. The length of the underground avenue in B2 is about 370m, width 15m, It is for connecting 3 skyscrapers in Lujiazui District, and underground traffic link of National Financial Center. The definitions of the overall project are green , energy-saving, Intelligence architecture space; Large scale space with Multiple functions are compatible with each other; A harmony space with culture and business combined together; showing the spirit of the skyscraper as: sky-high, Incisive, supremacy.  (계속) 자세한 내용은 월간 데코저널 10월호에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.  데코저널 도서 구입하기 >>