China - The Poetics of Slow Office Space

Designer: Muxin design and research studio
Project address: Putuo,Shanghai
Project type: Office Design
Design content: Interior design
Area: 96 m2
Design time: Dec 2015-Jan 2015
Construction time: Jan 2016-Apr 2016
Design team: Zhang Lei, Sun Haochen, Jiang Dawei, Zhang Yiye
Photographer: Zhang Daqi

The politics of space, as advocatedtirelessly by Lefebvre, ismaterialized as ubiquitous nets of power relations, rending all the office spaces a colosseum of power.
Every image of space emerges from the matrix of social activities and relations it contains, namely the interaction among people, objects and the space itself.The politics of space, as advocatedtirelessly by Lefebvre, is materialized as a ubiquitous net of power relations, rendering all kinds of spaces a colosseum of power. In this aspect, office spaces are especially prone to become ‘battlefields’ of power struggles, a character that, rather than enhancingworking experience and efficiency, often results in depressing places overloaded with tension and stress. Compared with ‘fast’office spaces, living spaces are much ‘slower’, characterized by the appeal to relaxation cozinessand privacy.


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